About Us

  • Simon Innovations, previously known as Custom Concepts Mfg. Inc.

    As you can appreciate, spraying field crops for almost 20 years can be a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Cruising through your fields, seeing all your hard work, spraying to increase yields by getting rid of pests or improving plant health, can maximize profits. As late season applications become increasingly beneficial the need to modify our machine to prevent damage to the crop becomes more prevalent. With nothing on the market, and being a tool and die maker by trade, my vision to create a device to streamline and defect mature crops like tasseled corn away from the planetary drives that protrude beyond the tire and rim of these machines. This derived a business venture to produce what is now known as “Hub Covers” our introductions to manufacturing bring ideas to reality.

    Self propelled sprayers have been our focus. Even though they are great machines from the factory, the products we manufacture greatly improve efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to accomplish even better applications, some previously unachievable. Our Accu-Volume System created to put the precision in accurate batching and knowledge of the amount of solution in your sprayers tank live and real time both while loading and while spraying. The R-Series High Clearance Lift Kit to increase under-frame clearance up to 78” has been an amazing accomplishment by our design team and we are proud to introduce this to such a great machine.


We at Simon Innovations are proud of our products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our products have innovative solutions for various aspects to the spraying world. Our design team has put the very best materials together to build all of our products. Our rigorous testing and quality control department values their achievements for zero warranty issues.


Simon Innovations will become the preferred supplier for the products it offers to each customer it engages. The Company will grow through continual diversification in its products and in the market it serves, while improving and strengthening its core competencies.